First Look: 'X3'

92349__xmen_lUSA Today has an early look at next year’s X3, the third and probably last X-Men movie. The article offers some reassurance that the story is as thoughtful as the first two (there’s a mild spoiler describing the plot), and some half-hearted defense of new director (and fanboy punching bag) Brett Ratner —  fans would have complained no matter who we hired to fill Bryan Singer’s chair, says Marvel boss Avi Arad, throwing up his hands. Best of all, there’s a gallery of pics, including a fierce-looking Kelsey Grammer as Beast, Ben Foster as the white-winged Angel, and Halle Berry, with a short new ‘do, returning as Storm. (Keep an eye out, by the way, for the new X3 trailer, due online later today.)

Are you counting down the days to X3‘s May 26 release? Or have you X’d the franchise off your summer moviegoing schedule?

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  • Mike in Moncton

    After seeing “Prison Break” on Fox, I’m more optimistic about Ratner’s handling of X3…but the proof will be in the pudding. Just hope he doesn’t wreck it like he did “Red Dragon”.

  • brandonk

    I’m still looking forward to the movie, but I suspect it won’t be as good as it could have been. To Mr. Arad: Why didn’t you just wait until Brian Singer was available again? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about fans’ reactions to whomever you chose to replace Singer.

  • Tyler D

    What is Avi Arad talking about? I understand his point that fan-boys always whine about anything, but there are plenty of directors that fan-boys wouldn’t have complained about as much as Ratner. Hell, it’s not even fan-boys that are complaining about Ratner. He’s the embodiment of everything wrong with bland Hollywood filmmaking only concerned with delivering a product rather than a movie. His movies are completely disposable.

  • EP Sato

    What us “Fanboys” are irked about is the choice of Kelsea “Man Boob having guy with no hit movies and a fake British accent under his belt” Grammer for the role of the Beast. That job should have gone to Steve Bacic (from the series Andromeda), who played the role in X2. Mark my words, Kelsea is going to mess this up like he does everything he’s in. Down Periscope!

  • JrsyGrl

    EP Sato, are you implying that “Down Periscope” would have been an Oscar winning movie had it not been for Kelsey Grammer? I really don’t think Kelsey was responsible for the fact that it was a terrible movie.
    Besides, how cool does Kelsey look in that pic?!?

  • john

    Brett Ratner was an awful choice, and Avi Arad should not even try to justify hiring his hackity-hack-hack-hack that was only hired becasue he would gladly step into Matthew Vaughan’s vacated director’s chair. Vaughan realized Fox was rushing the hell out of the movie to get it done not only a)this summer and b) before Singer’s Superman (a stupid-ass vendetta, i think. They didnt even have a script until a week or two before filming! Stop talking, Arad.

  • pracca

    check out this talks about what is in the trailer

  • Annoyed by X3

    They filmed X3 down the street from where I live so I’ve put up with bright lights, loud booms, gun shots, and the unholy glow of the green screen outside my window for months. The movie better be good.

  • Ned

    I don’t really read comics anymore, except for The Walking Dead, but I grew up on them, and go see just about any movie based on them. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I doubt that I’ll be seeing the new X-Men flick, I mean they could have picked ANYBODY but Brett Ratner, and I mean anybody, and I would have given it a chance. But Brett Ratner?!?!?
    Even if they had picked Joel Schumacer and he stuck plastic nipples all over their costumes, I would have been dubious, but at least he has made a good movie or two, but Brett Ratner is the biggest hack in Hollywood. His movies are neither good nor bad, the’re just glorified made for tv movies with a big budget, forgettable in every way. People went to see the Rush Hour movies because of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, they could have had a film school student direct them and they would have been hits, Ratner’s bland visuals didn’t put butts in the seats.
    Sad to say, but X-3 is looking like something I’ll catch on video with a free rental coupon, if then.

  • bigpimpin

    i’m glad they got rid of singer. both x-men movies were terrible and a disappointment to comic fans. my problem with the 3rd movie…magento, again! c’mon, it’s like star trek and the klingons. pick another villain. you don’t see spiderman or batman fighting the same villain in every movie

  • V.M.L.

    I was never a fan of X-Men, but I think Angel looks really cool. I’ll probably see the movie just to watch Angel.

  • okeke

    the xmen movies are garbage, but angel looks truly scrumptious.

  • Alex

    Kelsey Grammer playing an X-Men character? What?????

  • EP Sato

    My point is that Kelsea has yet to make a hit movie.
    He’s had bit roles in some hits, but outside of Frasier (remember, the show WAS a spin off) everything he has done has been a disaster. The Sketch show, that stupid animated show about a rat attorney, his awful HBO made for tv movies and again, DOWN PERISCOPE. He isn’t fit for comedy, and is less fit for action roles. Mark my words, Kelsea Grammer is going to make a bad movie even worse.

  • Krayzeman

    Prison Break is great and if it’s truly under the direction of Ratner then we can be more optimistic about the movie. I disagree though that “Red Dragon” was bad because it was surprisingly good especially after the disappointing “Hannibal.” You have to only hope that because of the late script and Fox rushing the movie that it wont be entirely messed up. And who says they can’t come out with a 4th one especially if Singer says he wants to come back?

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