In defense of... 'Lost"s Ana Lucia

162227__ana_lIn today’s earlier discussion about TV characters we’d love to see killed off, I was surprised to see a lot of hateration directed at Lost‘s brooding Ana Lucia, played by Michelle Rodriguez. What gives? I mean, the chick’s pretty bad-ass (love the way she threw poor Nathan in the pit, even if he didn’t turn out to be one of The Others), and she’s generated more tension than pretty much any character on the show this season.

Well — whaddaya know — the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Melanie McFarland thinks she’s got an explanation for all the bad vibes (which have even spawned The Official Ana Lucia Hate Club: ”Somehow Ana Lucia is less worthy of redemption [than other wayward Lost characters] because she’s the most thoroughly unredeemable of women: a tomboy, and a bitch,” McFarland writes, while defending the character.

True, Ana Lucia’s not exactly likeable, but that doesn’t mean her character isn’t good for Lost, does it? What do you think?

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  • I HATE A.L.

    The problem with Ana Lucia is that the actress that plays her is every bit as grating, abrasive and annoying as she is.

  • kj

    i happen to love her character. sure she’s harsh and abrasive, but she’s also complex and totally tragic. i think she brings a lot to the show. i can guarantee everyone will warm to her as the weeks unfold. i can remember a time when no one was too fond of sawyer…

  • Christa

    I actually think she’s interesting. She is just another complex person, in a cast of complex characters. When she stops being interesting, then they can knock her off.

  • KRaymond

    It’s easy to get sick of her character when all she does is gripe at people. She has one emotion and that is to lower her eyebrows and scowl at people. One can only take so much.

  • Jhunt

    Um, I can’t stand her. My girlfriend and I spend any episode she features in waiting for someone, ANYONE, to punch her in the face. Sadly, she seems to be only able to administer facial blows, not receive them.
    Besides, she got Dr. Mike from ED killed! Boo, hiss!

  • Paul

    She is alright. I would not mind if they killed her. She has changed the vibe on the island – not in a good way. Plus, Michelle Rodriguez is playing her well, but she is kind of “one note” – that is the only type of character she can play.

  • Bobby

    She’s a one note character and it’s an irritating note. I’d love to see one of the other ladies on the island bust her in the chops. Kate, with her background, might be just the one to do it.

  • ebberman

    I like Ana Lucia and I like Michelle Rodriguez. I think it will be very interesting to see how and if she changes now that she’s part of the other group. (She was sweetly alluring in last season’ finale.) You have to see that the character traits that make her grating are the same traits that make her a leader – and notice none of the Tailies were threatening to take her out; they obviously like having her there to make decisions. Matthew Fox’s Jack can get pretty overbearing, too. Imagine what his personality would be if 3/4 of the group he leads were kidnapped or killed.

  • Pete Funk

    Ummm…we hate her becuase michelle rodriguez IS A TERRIBLE ACTRESS. My god, she is utterly abyssmal. All she can do is one very overwrought angry face, and thats it. And with a cast full of very good or at least passable actors (and Mr.Ecko! Man is he great in everything!!!), its reaaaaaallly obvious

  • EP Sato

    I happen to think Ana Lucia is the shizzle dizzle! She is the hot female answer to what we loved about “tough guys” like Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood, but with Marvel Comics style tragic hero complexity. Truth is, most Americans are intimidated by tough women of color, which is why she’s so hated(can’t wait to see what the right wingers who post here with their political agenda have to say about that one).
    I’m excited to see her hook up with Jack this week, but am even happier to know that the “sidetrack” from the first half of the season is over and we can get back to basics. Who are the others? What is the Dharma project really about, and will they ever find the monster?

  • blah

    I really love the idea of Kate kicking her butt down a few pegs! Producers and writers take note!

  • Emily

    I dislike her because she is a one-note character (and an annoying note it is) being played by a dreadfully bad actress. It didn’t help that she killed my favorite female character. I don’t care that she’s a tomboy (Kate fills that role pretty well), I don’t care that she’s a bitch (I loved Shannon, and again, we have Kate). I care that she’s boring and unnecessary. So far I like the other tailies. Eko is great, Libby has had a few shinning moments.

  • rubinowitz

    i am hating the ana-lucia! trying not to quote everyone else word for word: she is a horrendous actress. she has one facial expression, the angry scowl. she is a man. she is a horrendous actress. case closed.

  • Christina

    I think Michelle Rodriguez being a horrible actress has something to do with it. Ans as everyone else said. She’s a one note character that doesn’t show any endearing characteristics.

  • Brett

    J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof have us right where they want us. “Ana-Lucia” will be more layered than you think. My take: She is bi-sexual,(They didn’t say if it was Danny or Danni did they?), and that will open up the audience to accepting her for a more “rough” exterior (and for an eventual Kate/A-L lip-lock) Then, I wouldn’t be suprised, as it looks right now, when Libby or “Dr. Elisabeth” emerges as the Other that took down the plane. When Ana-Lucia realizes that Libby was under her supervision the whole entire time it will be ala Jack and Ethan Round 2 and you ALL will be eating your words!

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