Say good-bye to 'Alias'

Okay, so I had the long weekend to mourn the death of Alias, which will conclude a five-season run in May, and you know what? I’m pretty much okay with ABC’s decision. I mean, it’s a telling sign that I’ve got a four-episode backlog stored on my DVR, whereas during its breathtaking first two seasons, I wouldn’t have dreamed of putting Alias off that long. Sometimes, good things need to come to an end while we’ve still got a deep affection for ‘em.

On that note, PopWatchers, do you have a favorite Alias moment? For me, it’s a toss-up between the pilot episode sequence in which Syd, sporting toxic-red hair, retrieves the prototype for SD-6 to the strains of Sinead O’Connor’s ”No Man’s Woman,” or perhaps the bone-crushing battle between our heroine and Evil Francie at the end of Season 2. Then again, I could also nominate the time Sydney parachuted into a cocktail party, tossed aside her flight gear, and emerged radiant in a black lace cocktail dress.

Good times, people, good times. What’s your pick?


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  • Ron

    Alias had a great run. I will miss Sydney’s adventures. At its height,it was not to be missed and it is still entertaining.Thanks for some great television.

  • Joe Caranante

    Not a huge Alias fan, but that battle between Sydney and that season’s ‘bad girl’at the end of season 2 was epic. Ranks right up there with Jessica Alba’s battles in ‘Dark Angel’ which was better than Alias, by the way!

  • Josh

    When Sydney grieves for her fiancee in the pilot, it was the best crying scene I’d ever seen in a film or series. Much props to Garner and Abrams for it; too bad the show ran out of ideas and started repeating its own plots.

  • Renato

    Ahn, first of all, Alias is much better than Dark Angel.
    Ok, now that we got that out of the way, I have to say I love Alias, but it’s clear to everyone who followed the show that was the right time to finish it. Still, I’ll surely miss Sydney Bristow kicking someone’s ass every week.
    Ok, now about my favorite moments… Besides the ones already mentioned, I loved when Sydney tries to save Will and she finds him in one of her missions on “Rendezvous”.
    Also, Sydney and Vaughn trying to escape that huge wave (and he doesn’t make it, waht makes of it all that much more shocking) and Sydney first gazing at her mother in years, both moments in “Almost Thirty Years”.
    There’s also Sydney’s breakdown when confronting her father about Project Christmas in “The Indicator”, or Francie’s body in her restaurant in “Phase One”, as her evil version talks on the phone.
    Even the third season has an unforgetable moment, in its first episode of the season, when Sydney drops that amazing line on Vaughn: “You wanna know how I am? I AM AWFUL!”
    Man, how is it that am gonna live without Alias?

  • Renato

    Oh, I forgot about Sydney’s reaction when seeing Danny’s dead body on the bath tub on “Truth Be Told”, the pilot.
    Ok, now I’ll leave you in peace…

  • Ragdoll

    Am sad to see Alias go, but I honestly jumped out of my chair watching the last few minutes of last year’s finale. I know the show had lost a lot of its lustre by then, but the “My name’s not really Michael Vaughn” still threw me for a loop.

  • Deb

    I loved this show and am sorry to see it go, but the cast changes and time slot killed this show. I also have 3 back episodes saved on my TiVo when in the the past I would never have missed one second! There were so many great moments, but I always loved the cliff hangers and the end of last season was like the shock of a lifetime!

  • JJ

    I loved Lena Olin so much in this show. I think her introduction to the show – shooting her own daughter in the shoulder – is one of my favorite, unpredictable TV moments. That should include the preceeding season closer where Sydney meekly utters “Mom?” while tied to a chair. In the pilot episode there is the interchange between Sloane and Sydney where she says “you killed my finacee!” and he replies “no Agent Bristow, you did.”

  • SJ

    How could anyone forget Syndey and Vaughn’s first kiss amongst the SD-6 debris? It was more explosive than the stuff they used to blow the place!

  • Joseph

    The most shocking moment was Francie’s death. I loved the big fight with “bad” Francie at the end of season 2. I thought Irina jumping off the roof of the building and shooting her way through the window was a cool scence. My all time favorite action sequence is Sydney accessing server 47 on the airplane and her big escape at 35,000 feet…good stuff!!!

  • MiniMarie

    “Alias” is no longer a great show, but it’s still a very good one — I still wouldn’t miss an episode for a second. (It’s the only show I never TiVo, but always watch live.) And though I don’t care much for the two new female characters, I wish we’d have had more time with Tom, well-played by Balthazar Getty. I agree that the end of the fifth season is the right place to end it, though.
    My favorite scenes are all between Sydney and her father, Jack: His telling her that her mother was a KGB agent, the first time they see each other after she’s been missing for two years, and the eerie-sweet episode last season when he saw her as her mother. Victor Garber should really have won an Emmy for this role. Instead, two Emmys for Shatner? A shame.

  • Dee

    No disrespect to anyone involved in this show but this is an example of how hard a network will go to bat for a show with a mostly white cast. This show never really posted good numbers during it’s entire 5 year season. It has merely been a critical hit. I wish networks would be as supportive of a fair number of good shows with minority casts that have since been cancelled. I always resented this and never watched this show.

  • chris

    once my favorite show, i would have done anything to see it. never missing an episode. but then ABC tinkered with it to allow new viewers to come in. storylines started to get a tad weird. but i always stuck by the show.
    one of my favorite moments (hard to pick just one) has to be when Sydney helps a man out of an psychiatric hospital only to later find out that he was the one that killed her fiancee.
    i’m glad that ABC gave enough notice so that we didn’t get some crappy ending to the series and that we’ll hopefully get a nice full-circle type ending and tie up all those loose ends.

  • James C

    Dee, Carl Lumbly, who is Sid’s partner and has been one of the main (top 4) stars of the show since Day 1, is black. Moreover, Sid’s best friend in Seasons 1&2 (Francie) was African-American, too. Hence, I don’t know where you get off saying the show has no minorities.
    I’m gay and there were NO (not one!) gay characters on Alias (that I can recall), but do you hear me complaining? Well, actually…

  • Sarah C

    Any time Sydney and Vaughn were on screen together in Season 2–“I love my drawer.” Awesome Victor Garber pretting much stealing every scene. Greg with his one-liners to Vaughn–“Jack is going to shoot you in the face.” RIP, Alias: in your first two seasons, you rocked harder than Lost, which is a great show in its own right.

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