EW Exclusive: A new show from the 'Gilmore Girls' team

85650__gilmore_lGilmore Girls will undoubtedly be back for the 2006-2007 season, but its two most important players may not be along for the ride. Nope, Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham (left) aren’t pulling a David Caruso, but rather, it’s series masterminds Amy Sherman-Palladino and husband Dan Palladino who may be moving on to another project. The couple revealed to Entertainment Weekly’s Whitney Pastorek that The WB has agreed to a six-episode commitment for a Manhattan-set Tracy & Hepburn-esque series, but declined to tell her if they’d continue playing for Team Gilmore, too. Read more about it in the new issue, out Friday.


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  • Kimmie G

    I can’t say that I’m pleased to hear that someone else may be taking over the Gilmore reins, but here’s hoping that it’s more of a Whedon-to-Noxon Buffy shift rather than a Sorkin-to-whoever West Wing shift.

  • Renato

    They could end the show with the seventh season then. They could work with both shows only that season.
    At least, we probably wouldn’t see the show jumping the shark.
    Plus, where exactly the show can go if Lorelai and Luke really get married, and the family is all reunited?
    End Gilmore now, and continue this new promissing show after.

  • Tyler D

    They would really have to end Gilmore Girls, because the Palladinos are the heart of the entire show. Plus, the Gilmore Girls spin-off they tried (anyone remember that one episode we spent with Jess and his real family – Rob Estes & Sherilyn Fenn – in California? Yeah, exactly) didn’t work so well. The Tracy/Hepburn angle sounds interesting, and is probably more suited to Palladinos’ tastes, but this still doesn’t sound very smart (even if their writing is). BTW, Fenn is apparently coming back as Luke’s Baby’s Momma, which is weird. The Wells version of West Wing stinks compared to the Sorkin version.

  • JRT

    To be honest, I’d be glad if they left.
    Since Season 4, Gilmore Girls lost a lot of focus. The characters have slowly degenerated into caricatures, particularly the Elder Gilmores, and secondary characters like Paris and Sookie. We have less consistency and erratic plotting. These people have lost their direction. Particularly Daniel–he doesn’t write the show that well. His episodes are filled with Kirk, odd town meetings, weird characters, drunken binges, and the Gilmores act “off” when he writes them.
    I believe Joan Binder Weiss was the true guiding force behind the show’s early success. When she left as story editor, that’s when things started to go down hill. Ask her to come back.

  • Sarah C

    From the few articles I’ve read about Amy, it doesn’t seem like her to ditch her baby for another. I’ve been watching since S2, but with the exception of S4, I think the show has gotten better and better. However, I do agree that ’06-07 should be the last–just once, I’d like to see a network show with a respectable death.

  • Joey

    WHAT?! I’m fine with a new series, but it should be after this one. And I’ve said this many times already, ew, but where is the Gilmore episode guide? Everyone knows you like the show! Out of all the episode reviews for Gilmore in the “what to watch” section that I have seen have either been an A or an A-.

  • Nancy

    I hope the Palladinos reconsider until GG wraps up. I love this show. I love the relationships between Rory and Lorelai, and also between Lorelai and Emily. Mother/daughter relationships so rarely get explored with any intelligence in pop culture. The only exception that immediately pops into my head is Roseanne. I do like the idea of the Palladinos preparing a new show for down the road, but stick with GG until the end. Think what happened with Desperate Housewives when Marc Cherry stopped writing the episodes. The show floundered. It’s only now starting to find its footing again, in large part I think because he’s back writing.

  • Chloe.B

    I would hate if this show ended, I would never wanna watch tv again (though I probably would anyway) I love it, I doubt the Pallidinos would find any better more popular show to work on. I don’t mind if they make a new show but if they do they should wait till after the gilmore series ends because it’s just to good to abandon.

  • Corey

    I would really worry about Amy leaving. Look what happened to West Wing afer Aaron Sorkin left, and now Desperate Housewives with Marc Cherry being distracted by other projects. It’s never a good sign when this happens, and it would probably be the beginning of the end for the gals.

  • Corey

    One word: Related.
    Amy, take heed.

  • Ashley

    GG has lost it’s direction this season. Last week’s reunion seemed forced and the writers seem to be ignoring the fact that when people normally have major issues they don’t just hug and make up that quickly… bring back the magic that was S2, S3, S4!!!

  • Carolyn

    If they change Lorelai and rory’s actors there is no way that I can watch this show. You can’t just change people like that. I dont want the show to end but that would be a better solution that getting new girls. I do think that the story lines have been off last season and this season too. They are making everything about what guy the girls are dating at the time instead of how it was in the beginning. I love all of the personal anticdotes that the girls have together and there isnt anymore of that silliness now. I really miss that. I love lorelai and luke together and I think that they can make it interesting after they get married specially with Luke finding out he has a daughter. I almost fell out of my seat when I saw that. But I dont know if I could watch if it wasnt lauren graham and alexis Bledel.

  • Emily

    I cannot believe that the Pallidinos aren’t gonna write the script for Gilmore Girls!!!! That is my FAVORITE show and if it gets messed up, I’m gonna be SO mad!! The show won’t be the same funny show anymore…I guess things happen for a reason. :(

  • Maggie

    I can’t believe that…last year you included an interview with Amy in EW and she said she’s been planning on the series finale from season one…said that if the WB really did take the show away from her like they had reportedly threatened to prior to last year, she’d fight if only to write that one episode.
    I seriously doubt she’d risk it by leaving the show.

  • Shella

    No..No..No..Lauren and Alexis cannot be taken out…it has to be them to as the actresses..Gilmore Girls is the best show ever…Lauren/Lorelai and Scott/Luke are the hottest best couple ever..the humor and teamwork that lorelai and rory has is just amazing…i just love them so much..i also love luke and lorelai together…say are they a couple in reality….all i’m saying is that without luke, rory, and lorlai “Gilmore Girls” is nothing…all the characters in Gilmore Girls are perfect..changes of actor and actresses are bad..it wouldn’t be the same…no it wouldn’t…keep them please…its a must…

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