Joe Jackson: Hip-Hop Drill Sergeant

If you thought Sean ”Diddy” Combs was a stern taskmaster on Making the Band, wait til you see Joe Jackson. The last time the Jackson family patriarch tried to groom a group of young musical stars, the results were pretty good, so he’s trying again, this time outside his own gene pool. He’s organized Joe Jackson’s Hip-Hop Boot Camp and hopes to turn it into a reality show.

The 76-year-old Jackson doesn’t seem to think his complete ignorance about hip-hop will be a stumbling block. ”It’s not so much of Joe Jackson knowing about hip-hop, it’s about Joe Jackson being able to groom the next generation of superstars,” business associate Charles Kopay tells the Associated Press.

Bonus quote from Joe, about son Michael’s oft-repeated allegation that Joe abused him as a kid: ”Katherine [Joe’s wife] whipped Michael more than I did. She had to. I was working, I had two jobs. She was there with them all the time — not just Michael, all the children.” Ah, if only Joe had had more time at home, Katherine wouldn’t have had to do the whipping all by herself.

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  • Vanessa

    I just have to say this, I think joe is responsible of making a very talented Michael Jackson into a very missunderstood person that everyone just prefer to take down just for pleasure instead of trying to THINK and see WHY is Michael Jackson so different, I have to say Joe’s treatment and Katherine made Michael a perfectionist and so artistically he’s amazing, but I don’t dislike Joe cause he really think he’s treatment to Michael is the correct and he said he will do it again, now I wonder, Katherine and Joe, what about them, what about a kid(Michael) being abused, being confused, what about a childhood robed, what about a confused mind, creating an selfdistrutive person who is capable of change the color of his skin because of inseccurities created from his progenitors, they don’t deserve to be heard, and Michael should stay away from his dad whom he was only aloude to call Joe and not dad, now i know that not only his father hit him, but his mother to, and people just go and just call Michael Jackson a freak, they say there he goes, that freak, and acuse him with pleasure.I say this: this society is very wrong.

  • Vanessa

    I meant allowed when i said aloude, but sounds the same

  • Vanessa

    When I said aloude I meant allowed, I meant Michael was not allowed to call his father dad, he had to call him for his name ,that would be Joe, is like if I call my father René, instead of dad, and God that has to b painful.

  • Noel

    Joe Jackson is not the ideal father but I believe if he searchs for talent, and finds something like Michael jackson, it would be great, I mean he got the eyes for bussiness, and good art.

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    You know people talk about Mr. Jackson being an abusive father,I don’t know if you would call spanking your child after constantly telling them the same thing over and over again being abusive. I was always told if you can’t get it through their heads then put it on their behinds. I feel that Mr. and Mrs. Jackson raised their kids the way they felt was best,for that time period. I have to give it to him I have never read where any of his boys ever spent time in jail. You know if more parents would raise their children the way Mr and Mrs Jackson raised their’s many of our young boys and girls would not see the inside of a prison cell, or an early dealth.
    If Michael got more spankings then any of the other kids it is because Michael was stubborn, and he is the same way now as an adult. Michael I love you, but you are stubborn and need to learn to listen to people.

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