Snap Judgment: 'But Can They Sing?'

152533__mf_lShort answer: Uh, no, they can’t sing.

In case you missed the debut of VH1’s But Can They Sing Sunday night, is airing the performance clips, where you can see and hear for yourself the proof that some people should not quit their day jobs.

Not sure why, at this late date, I’m still marveling at the shamelessness (and tone-deafness) of people who appear on reality TV, whether or not they’re already famous. Some performances were less embarrassing than others (least painful: Morgan Fairchild’s ”These Boots Are Made for Walkin’,” Joe Pantoliano’s ”I Get a Kick out of You,” and former Power Ranger Michael Copon’s ”I Don’t Wanna Be”), but Bai Ling’s writhing, trilling version of ”Like a Virgin” has to be seen and heard to be believed. Drag queens will be mocking this rendition for years to come.


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  • Drew

    I felt sooo bad for Bai-ling… that woman cant speak english… and omg.. it was horrific.

  • eric

    Agree on the Morgan front but the song was well suited. Will have to see more selections but the show was almost too much a trainwreck.

  • Stan

    who is bai ling? have no idea what she has ever done other than be in star or people wearing next to nothing at a party or premiere.

  • Tim

    Saw a little bit of the show. It was painful. But it shows just how far VH1 has fallen.

  • maria

    if i had to see one more commerical for this during I (heart) the 80’s: 3D, i was going to shoot myself.

  • prboogie

    i think the 2 worst were myrka and kim alexis…woah…just woah. i do give props to all of them though for going on television and putting themselves out there like that when most of them had to know they are tone deaf.
    morgan fairchild and the power ranger were cool and sabato jr and the boxer weren’t horrible, just very stiff and devoid of personality.

  • Cato Chris

    Kim Alexis was truly horrible, I can’t believe she did this of her own free will. And so was Antonio Sabato Jr for that matter. Fortunately they’re both still very attractive. Don’t get me wrong, no, none of them can sing, but these two were the worst.

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