Alyson Hannigan's favorite 'Buffy' episodes

171035__ahannigan_lYes, yes, we know Alyson Hannigan has a prominent role on a hit sitcom (she’s Lily, the lusty kindergarten teacher on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother), and it’s been a long time since she pulled up stakes on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Still, if you were going to interview the erstwhile Willow, as Whitney Pastorek did for next week’s Entertainment Weekly, you too would be unable to restrain yourself from asking Hannigan what her favorite Buffy episodes were.

Fortunately, the actress was a good sport and offered her four faves. Not surprisingly, one of them featured Alexis Denisof, who later became Mr. Hannigan. Here are the actress’ picks, along with her comments:

1. ”Hush” (Season 4; creepy floating demons the Gentlemen rob everyone of the power of speech.) ”It was a whole new way of figuring out how to act, the not-talking thing.”

2. ”The Body” (Season 5; Buffy’s mom dies from an aneurysm; the episode had no background score.) ”I just remember the no sound, no music — it was so disconcerting.”

3. ”Ted” (Season 2; John Ritter guests as Buffy’s mom’s evil robot suitor.) ”John Ritter was the best. We would all just hang out in his trailer and be like, ‘Hi, John Ritter!!’ and he didn’t care. And, we got to shoot at a mini-golf place.”

4. ”Dopplegangland” (Season 3; a spell gone awry spawns Willow’s nefarious twin.) ”I was in the vampire Willow outfit, and Alexis had some holy water, and he made this noise, like FFFFT!! And it just cracked me up. I had such a crush on him.”

These may have been Hannigan’s favorite episodes to shoot, but were they your favorites to watch? What’s on your best-of-Buffy list?

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  • Joey

    The Body, Hush, and Once More With Feeling are the most distict episodes. I really want EW to do an episode guide for Buffy. Or any show, I just really want an episode guide.

  • Rob Konitzer

    I agree that The Body, Hush and Once More With Feeling are were groundbreaking television. OMWF wouldn’t be on Aly’s list because she’s not much of a singer.
    Other definate faves:
    1. Surprise/Innocence – I’ve gotten lots of people hooked on Buffy by showing them these episodes.
    2. The Zeppo – the one that hooked me. I just loved that they would blow off the whole apocalypse storyline to focus on Zander.
    3. Tabula Rasa – hilarious… and heartbreaking. I can’t hear “Goodbye to You” without thinking of it.
    4. Passion – Angel at his most evil.
    5. Conversations with Dead People – could only have been better if they could have gotten Amber Benson back like originally planned.

  • Dustin

    good god, where do i start????? I am so getting that whole buffy set that comes out in november, cant wait, but i would never, EVER make a buffy list and not include Hush(season 4) and The Body(season 5), and Once More With Feeling(season 6) 3 of the finest episodes in television history….

  • Joshua

    Those are the classics, but I love The Wish as well as The Prom. The Prom gets me all misty every time. :-p

  • Libby Watts

    Buffy! Hazah! There are just so many fabulous episodes, and like everyone else, where to begin. Each one that everyone else has put down is awsome, here are some more I love:
    1)Chosen – Buffy rallying the troups once last time, and when the core 4 join together at the end talking about about what they’ll be doing the next time and Giles says “the world is definetly doomed”….sooo good. nice little nod to the pilot.
    2)Becoming Part 2 – Buffy saving the world by killing the man she loves, JUST as he gets his soul back AND gets kicked out of her house. Where are the tissues?
    3)Something Blue – just a hysterical episode where everything that could go wrong goes wrong. Plus, Giles is blind.
    4)Band Candy – Giles and Joyce as teenagers? priceless

  • miki

    man! just when I thought Im finally over missing Buffy… here you go again and remind me of those oh so wonderful episodes! Damn I loved so many but to list a few, I loved passion, the prom, the wish, the body, and tabula rosa

  • TV Addict

    1. Becoming Part 2. The best payoff/season finale ever.
    2. Hush.
    3. Once More with Feeling. I’ve listened to the soundtrack a thousand times. Joss is a god.
    4. Dopplegangland. Because I’m the biggest Aly fan.
    5. The Body. This episode felt so real.
    6. The Wish. Love the slo mo death at the end.
    7. Passion. Aly’s crying makes me cry.
    8. Fool for Love. Spike!
    9. Innocence.
    10. Earshot.
    I also liked Adam’s death in Primeval, Lover’s Walk, Buffy getting her umbrella, The Freshman and Living Conditions, Sexy Willow in Halloween, and Anya in the bunny suit Fear, Itself, Conversations with Dead People… and I totally loved evil Willow.

  • ReliableDogGeiserPerson

    1) Once More with Feeling
    2) Restless
    3) Doppelgangland
    4) Conversations with Dead People
    5) Lie to Me
    6) The Body
    7) Selfless
    8) Buffy vs Dracula
    9) Innocence
    10) Becoming pt 2
    11) Consequences
    12) Earshot
    13) The Harsh Light of Day
    14) Who Are You
    15) Family
    16) Fool For Love
    17) Into the Woods
    18) Crush
    19) Beneath You
    20) Hush

  • Matt

    1. Passion
    2. Becoming, Pt. 2
    3. The Body
    4. Innocence
    5. Once More, With Feeling

  • steph

    i loved hush, seeing red, once more with feeling and the rest of the series it just brill and well written. the acting was out of this world and it just blows your mind. i hope they bring it back and do a couple more seasons with the same actors.

  • Lillian

    I have favorites from each season…
    Season 1: “The Pack”
    Season 2: “Lie to Me”
    Season 3: “Amends”
    Season 4: “Hush”
    Season 5: “The Body”
    Season 6: “Once More, With Feeling”
    Season 7: “Chosen”

  • Ian

    Hush and Once More, With Feeling tie for me – but I can see why Ms. Hannigan wouldn’t include OMWF in her list. “I think this line’s mostly filler”.
    For her work, Seeing Red (and the rest of Season Six from that point forward), Full Moon Rising and Dopplegangland do stand out the most.
    If I stand back from my own prejudices (Musicals and Horror), “The Body” is perhaps the best episode of TV done in the past decade. Take some time and netflix the disc if you don’t own it – don’t let commercials get in your way. That is 42 minutes of… well, entertainment isn’t the best word. Neither is education, and edutainment is just wrong.
    It’s 42 minutes of distilled reality.
    My mom passed away about 3 years ago, at least as suddenly as Joyce did (we didn’t even have the brain-cancer prelogue). When someone goes when it’s unexpected, somone that important to you – things go haywire.
    This episode always brings that back to me. the chaos, the “I shouldn’t be feeling this” feelings…
    Joss peaked with The Body.

  • Johnny

    Id have to go for Hush, Restless, Family, The Body, Tough Love, OMWF & Tabual Rasa. Im still watching Buffy on DVD, it’s still as engrossing as ever! :)

  • GT

    Totally agree with anyone who said passion was the best ever. I mean how often is voice over done well on TV. Not only was it done well it was extremly creepy.

  • mike

    Hush, the Body, The first four season finales, were all great. But, I have to include the episode early in season one, when five students including Xander were possessed by Hyenas and ate the principle. At that moment, I knew this show was special.

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