Let's discuss this year's worst Emmy snubs

15450__wa_lI love the Emmys. I hate the Emmys. Love the Emmys. Hate the Emmys. Love! Hate! Love! Hate!

Oops. Sorry, better take that up with my therapist.

Seriously, though, as much as I enjoy seeing my favorite TV stars and shows score hard-earned recognition, it seems like each year a lot of great writing and first-rate performances get overlooked. In that vein, dear PopWatch readers, I’d like each and every one of you to answer the following three questions:

1) Who’s this year’s biggest Emmy nomination snub? While I’d vote for Arrested Development‘s wickedly funny Will Arnett (left) — what? he wasn’t at least as good as Sean Hayes? — Entertainment Weekly’s TV critic Gillian Flynn provides several options for you to consider, including Desperate Housewives‘ Harriet Sansom Harris and The Wire‘s Idris Elba.

2) Who’s the one person you’d like to see removed from the list of major nominees? (Sorry, Eric McCormack, that’s the only vote you’ll be getting from me Sunday night.)

3) And, finally, which person absolutely must win Sunday night or else you’ll be driven into a white-hot rage? I’m going with Marcia Cross. Not only did she manage to break my heart and my funny bone all season long on Desperate Housewives, but she played through the pain of handling a pastry bag filled with scalding scrambled eggs on Monday’s series premiere of Martha. Someone, give the woman a statuette already!

Now it’s your turn. To paraphrase TLC, ”we don’t want no snubs.” So weigh in on yours now!

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  • kj

    biggest snub is the wire being totally ignore…by far the best written, acted, directed show on tv.
    please, no more west wing!
    i really think i’m voting for zach braff as the must win. i feel more passionately about the west wing NOT winning.

  • brandonk

    Uh…is that the worst picture of Will Arnett ever?

  • stevie

    My vote for biggest snubs go to Gilmore Girls, esp. Lauren Graham, and Veronica Mars, esp. Enrico Colantoni and Kristen Bell– both offer terrific casts, a fine mix of pathos and humor and amazing writing.
    I often wish there was an ensemble cast award because those two shows, and Arrested Development, are as good as they are because of the entire acting team. Then again, if there was an ensemble category, it would be nothing but Desperate Housewives.

  • Burb

    Biggest AAARGH! if they don’t win?
    I’d go with “Scrubs.” There might be better comedies, but no show has been disrespected by its own network more often.
    When is it on? What time? When will this season’s premiere be? Don’t know? Aren’t sure? Well, why should you know anything when NBC keeps moving it, ignoring it, not promoting it.
    The absolute best comedy NBC has had for the last four years and it’s gotten no respect.

  • KJC

    The worst emmy snub of all time is the seven years Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar was never nominated. Those of us in the Buffyverse are still scratching are heads wondering if that would have been different had Joss Whedon submitted “Once More, With Feeling” by the deadline.

  • Renato

    Lauren Graham, Kristen Bell, Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl, Peter Krause, Kelly Bishop and Matthew Fox really did deserve nominations this year. Specially Graham, who is just perfect as Lorelai.
    I think I’d take out Will & Grace as best comedy. I mean, what about Entourage, Gilmore Girls, Monk, Two And A Half Man… There are so many better comedies… It used to be one of the best, but this past season was just so boring! Oh yeah, The West Wing running for best drama? Just this season, we had House, Grey’s Anatomy, Huff and Veronica Mars as new shows. That’s big! And I’m not counting the snubs of Nip/Tuck, The Wire, Cold Case… and the list goes on and on… so, it’s hard to believe that best sleeping medicine available gets preference!
    Now, the one I have to see winning are Lost as best drama and terry O’ Quinn as best supporting actor. Lost is by far the best show on Tv right now, as I see it. And much of that is because O’ Quinn plays Locke just perfectly! Both of them deserve it so much!

  • Nancy

    Hands down this year the worst snub for me is Gilmore Girls as best series (I guess comedy), Lauren Graham
    for best actress and Alexis Bledel and Kelly Bishop as best supporting actress. The interplay between all three of those actresses is superb and should have been recognized. I haven’t watched Will and Grace in two years and I used to NEVER miss that show. I’d love to see that show removed from the list of nominees. But not West Wing. I liked last season. Alan Alda was fantastic. I hope he wins. And I’ll also be filled with white-hot rage if Marcia Cross doesn’t win. She’s been a fave of mine since Melrose Place.

  • Jim

    ‘The Wire’ is the best show on television by a wide margin. How it escapes nomination is beyond me.

  • Bobby

    I agree with the Sarah Michelle Gellar snub as being completely unbelievable(as well as James Marsters) but the biggest Emmy snu for me is the lack of nominations for Once and Again as best drama series, Evan Rachel Wood as best supporting actress and especially Susanna Thompson as best supporting actress. Her work was undeniably some of the finest acting from television OR film. That whole cast just demonstrated acting as its most perfect.

  • anonymous

    The snub that I have gotten used to is Lauren Graham(although I hoped GG’s return to form after a terrible 4th season would get her the nomination). The most egregious snub this year was Emmy’s choice not to nominate Yunjin Kim’s spellbinding performance (which is made more incredible by the fact that she is often silent or acting in a different language) that was my favorite of all the Lost castaways. They picked the wrong Korean actress (although I think Sandra Oh deserved her nomination and that it’s Tyne Daly who has to go).

  • anonymous

    I agree that Will Arnett deserved a nomination (as did just about everyone on Arrested Development)

  • ggfan

    Why won’t you watch the WB! Curse you Emmy nominators.

  • Chris McVetta

    Gilmore Girls and Lauren Graham have to be THE BIGGEST SNUB in the entire Emmy universe! I’m a football, sports fanatic guy, whose biggest idea of watching “chick flicks” is watching Rudy on a rainy afternoon (which, um, is kind of like a Lifetime movie for men, I guess…).
    But I got sucked into the last season of Gilmore Girls – it was brilliant! And now I’m addicted. Kelly Bishop is also fantastic and deserves a Best Supporting actress nod – How the “Emmy voters” missed this show is beyond me! I can only quote Al Pacino from Glengarry Glen Ross: “Where’d ya learn your trade-?!?”
    Also, Scrubs deserved a Best Comedy nomination as well as Matthew Fox for Lost (he’s the GLUE that holds the island together!).
    And no one makes me laugh harder on Monday nights than Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men – if comedy is hard, than he makes it look easy! And there’s more to it than “Charlie Sheen just playing himself,” Emmy simpletons!

  • Marcy

    Gilmore Girls all the way. Lauren Graham is perfection and the rest of the cast and writing is superb. I am a huge TV addict watching all kinds of show and his is the BEST show on TV.

  • Joey

    Gilmore Girls and Lauren Graham’s continuing emmy snubs are the worst ever. And yes, Buffy too-which provided some of the most perfect episodes of television ever.

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