Are the 'Penguins' marching rightward?

154110__march_lConservative and religious pundits have seized upon March of the Penguins, seeing the hit documentary’s depiction of devoted nesting behavior as a parable about monogamy, heterosexuality, and even ”intelligent design.” The filmmakers insist that none of that is in there, and the studio says, ”They’re just birds.” (Birds, one should add, whose right and left wings are equally ineffectual.) But why not use the movie as part of a political agenda? After all, don’t we need a constitutional amendment that prohibits gay penguins from getting married?

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  • Ep Sato

    WOAH. Penguins are probably the most telling proof that Darwin was right!
    Darwin explains how a creature with few natural predators would survive in an otherwise harsh environment because according to Darwin, creatures live in environments suited to them. Further, when dogs were introduced to the South Pole, they hunted penguins and put a significant dent in their population. Thus, dogs are now banned in Antartica. Darwin can explain what happened. Can “intelligent design”?
    Go figure that these birds, with their extra body fat and ability to withstand the harsh temperatures would thrive in antartica where few other species of animals (or natural predators) might exist.

  • Dan

    Intelligent design can explain this: a Creator put animals in the environment where they belong.
    I personally am still waiting to evolve to the next higher species. So far, for thousands of years mankind is kind of stuck being mankind. Except for Brad Pitt. Some would say he’s another life form.
    Hitler loved Darwins theories on race…

  • Julie

    I guessed in the whole monogamy discussion, they missed the part of the narration where it was mentioned they’re only “monogamous” for one year and pick a new partner at the beginning of each mating season.

  • James

    Right on, Julie!
    Quite frankly, I’m tired of these conservative groups taking something completely unaffiliated with either their groups or ideologies and trying to politicize it: “Let’s take this great G-rated movie and use it to promote hate.” You’d think that in today’s current social climate, these people would have better things to do than deny innate rights to others.

  • BoxOfficeGoddess

    Well, if conservatives want to see penguins as a symbol of monogamy, heterosexuality, etc. I wonder what they’ll think of the “prostitution” of female penguins, or at the very least their tendency to act like “golddiggers”. Female Adelies penguins will only have sex with the males that bring them the biggest and the most rocks for their nests, so in a sense the males “pay” for “play” [just like Anna Nicole Smith!]. Male adelies often steal stones from other males’ nests to impress the female of their choice!

  • brandonk

    Dan: I just read a new and somewhat controversial study that suggested that the human brain, at least, has continued to evolve over the last few thousand years. Several tens of thousands of years ago, apparently, there were some changes that coincided with the use of stone tools, farming, and the first cave paintings, and a few thousand years ago there were other changes that coincided with the beginning of cities and writing. I guess the study is being disputed a bit, but it’s interesting nevertheless.

  • John Thomas

    If conservatives are rallying around this movie, perhaps they are hoping to unseat “Fahrenheit 911″ from the top money-making documentary. Nothing like a bunch of penguins knocking Michael Moore off his pedestal.

  • Jeff

    If the conservatives think penguins are all straight, they need to read the children’s book, “And Tango Makes Three” based on the true story of two male penguins in the Central Park Zoo who hatch an egg and create a family.

  • Jessica

    I think it is really sad that people have nothing better to do than take a wonderfully filmed, produced and narrated movie and make it into their political agenda. They should be ashamed of themselves. I have seen this movie and thought it was a wonderful love story and movie about lifes ups and downs. Get a life people. While you are spending your time worrying about how penguins can effect society your life is passing you by.

  • khia213

    Did these conservatives see the same movie I did? The penguins are only monogamous for one breeding cycle. They hook up with another penguin the next time around. And if the egg dies before birth, the couple splits up. They also leave the baby penguins to fend for themselves after a few months and make no attempt to intervene for the baby penguins against predators. This is what conversatives want humans to behave like?

  • Brandon

    I am surprised by some of the comments here. One of the most beautiful things about well-constructed art is how elastic it is. People identify with it and see there own ideas flow through it. Art is an interaction. If conservatives see something that reflects their own beliefs, then it is a testament to the film’s artistry. We all look for a bit of ourselves in art, whether it be film, or prose or poetry. What we can identify with is what we love. All art is open to liberal interpretation. I don’t see what the conservatives see in this film. I see Darwin’s natural selection at work, but that does not make my opinion more interpretation more valid than anyone else’s.

  • Tim

    It’s freaking penguins!

  • dma

    Jesus! These conservatives need to get a life already. Do they have to dissect every friggin’ movie that’s released? Whatever happened to going to the movies to be, I don’t know, ENTERTAINED?? They’re just PENGUINS. Doing what penguins do. And the baby ones are sooooooo adorable. Can’t I watch a film without someone turning it into political commentary? Please??

  • SF

    aww shucks, that article is adorable. i would be wendell and cass’ friend

  • Josh
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