Mario Vazquez: Shortcut to success?

92621__mvasquez_lMario Vazquez could be the smartest person ever to appear on American Idol (including Simon Cowell). Seems he’s making good on his promise to, after his mysterious departure from the competition in March, that ”just because I left American Idol doesn’t mean it’s the last you’ve heard of Mario Vazquez.”

If this report from Fox News gossip columnist Roger Friedman is true, Vazquez has made a deft end-run around the process, signing a record deal with Clive Davis (the mogul who’s signed the other major Idol singers) without having to withstand the rigors of the contest or, more importantly, without having to sign an onerous contract with Simon Fuller’s 19 Management. (Vazquez is represented by the same lawyer who helped Clay Aiken get out of his 19 contract.)

Of course, if the fedora-sporting crooner is going to put out a record, he’d better do it soon. His 15 minutes of fame avoidance are about to run out.

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  • EP Sato

    Mario has got to be the smartest guy ever to go on Idol. He was well aware of the fact that in no way was an hermano ever going to win on Idol (especially not with the South rising again, as it clearly did this season), so rather than put himself at Red America and Simon Cowell’s mercy, he dropped out and lookey here! The man got himself a record deal that won’t make Simon even more money. I believe they call that striking while the iron is hot. Go Mario!

  • Brandon

    Smart? If you ask me he was anything but. Instead of having his face and voice plastered on teenage girls hearts and ears for twelve more weeks he took himself out of the public and then expects the public to come back to him. Hardly great advertising. All of the idols could sing. But plastering there face on tv made that awful song “Inside you Heaven” a hit twice.

  • miv

    to EP Sato: as an hermana in the South, i still think he had plenty of chances to make it to the cream of the crop of that show. the show’s had minority winners, so i don’t think it’s a race thing. besides, maybe you’ve never been to the south, but it’s made up of a lot of Latinos.
    with that said, i think he was smart because their contracts with Fuller are crazy! good for him for still getting a contract with a recording legend.

  • Brandon

    I have to agree with the other Brandon…I’m not sure it was that smart to bow out, commercially speaking. Although he was able to avoid the Fuller nonsense, it’ll take him a lot longer to get the name recognition that Bo Bice or Carrie Underwood have. Whether he might have won or not, it would have been great publicity.
    And on a completely different subject, it seems like the South has a pretty poor reputation in the rest of the country, yet half of the Presidents and many movie stars come from there, and every Idol so far has been Southern, along with most of the other contestants. A strange paradox.

  • Mario

    Everyone has their opinion so here goes mine.
    I’m glad for Mario Vasquez, glad that he got out of the heinous contract he would have had to endure had he stayed in the show and glad that, for better or worse, he bowed out when he did. As for missing out on the media coverage, etc.. seems that some people have forgotten that some of the biggest names in showbiz were completely unknown. American Idol has only generated one true pop star (Kelly Clarkson). The other winners (Reuben, Fantasia) have only achieved modest success; the jury is still out on Carrie Underwood.
    As for “Inside Your Heaven” having been a “hit” twice.. that must be within the bible belt because I don’t see the singles flying off the shelves at my local Tower Records or other stores where I live nor do I hear them (it) on heavy rotation on any of my radio stations.
    I much prefer Mario signing with Clive Davis’ record label without there being much pressure from the American Idol camp. Can’t wait to see where or how far he goes!
    Go Mario!

  • Tim

    Mario who?

  • Brandon

    The only future Mario has got is possible as a stunt double for Fez on That 70’s show.

  • GenieBella

    That guy doesn’t deserve anything after lying about Paula and him. I don’t beleive a word that loser says.

  • GenieBella

    No, wait. That’s Corey Clark that lied. Okay. Congradualtions Mario! :)

  • Mario

    GenieBella – you have your contestants mixed up. The one that lied about Paula and him was Corey Clark .. Mario Vasquez is from this year’s American Idol.
    The other naysayers in here – Brandon, Tim, go on and keep on hating.. fortunately, not all of america is all about country and good ol’ ameriKKKan southern values.. ah, it’s great to be ethnic!

  • Brandon

    To Mario:
    To clear a few things up. I hate country music, and I have no problem with, as you put it, ethnic music, but Mario Vasquez has all the talent of a backstreet boy. All of the idols were short on talent. Great Singers are a dime a dozen. Great songwriters are unique.

  • Mario

    Brandon (there seems to be 2 around here):
    I don’t know how much talent he has, since he didn’t really compete. I think it would be unfair to write him off as a “backstreet boy wanna-be” before seeing what he can/can’t do. Having said that, I don’t know that it is a bad thing for him to be backstreet boy-esque considering that is what seems to work for most artists these days (bubble gum pop, mainstream hip-hop, etc ) then I suppose this would be good for him.
    My comment re: Country was a bit more broad, not necessarily aimed at you. Yes, I’m a bit upset that Carrie won over Bo but then again, he’s not as vocally talented as Carrie. I think she won not necessarily based on talent either but moreso on ethnicity and demographic appeal (no offense but: white, country).
    Needless to say, I stand by my comments earlier; American Idol has only generated one true pop star and that’s Kelly Clarkson. I personally can’t stand her but admit she’s been the most succesful ones to date.
    Would have been nice to see a latino brother make it to the top 5 or even top 3 but I doubt he would have ever won American Idol. For as famous as Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, etc are I don’t think America is quite ready to embrace other people beyond the traditional black/white artists, at least not when calling them “American” idols. ;)

  • EP Sato

    Funny that how Brandon plays up the south AND notes how the Idol singers were all from there in the same sentence. THAT’S MY POINT DUMASS. No way a Boricua from Brooklyn was going to win over Bo or Blondie. Mario knew that and decided to get fame his own way. We are talking about him on EW so it must have worked.
    For the record: I wasn’t dissing the south (Miv, I am an hermano who lives below the Mason Dixon Line, do you still feel special somehow?), and I do not believe the show is racist.

  • BrandonK

    Sato: I wasn’t playing up the South. I’ve been there and hated it, and I think its poor reputation is generally deserved. Despite that, there seem to be a good handful of talented people that come from there: as I said before, many Presidents, most serious Idol contenders, other musicians, writers, etc.

  • BrandonK

    For the record: I WAS dissing the South. And I’m not a “DUMASS”.

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