'Six Feet Under': Will the death toll rise?

Six Feet Under got its last rites on Monday, with HBO airing a best-of clip show to help prepare us all for this week’s series finale. I’ve got my Kleenex all stocked up, especially since we all know series creator Alan Ball isn’t a stickler for happy endings. He tells the New York Post (registration required), in fact, that ”there was a lot of resistance in the writers’ room to Nate dying” earlier this season, but he couldn’t see another way.

Yet while Nate’s death made sense to me from a dramatic standpoint, I wonder if viewers’ rocky relationship with the maddening Fisher clan will be the only thing that dies come Sunday night? After all, when we last saw Brenda, she was delivering her daughter two months early and shouting, ”Is my baby okay?” to eerie silence from the hospital staff. And Keith and David’s relationship looked headed for life support, too, thanks to the latter’s emotional breakdown following his brother’s death.

To which I say, ”Hell to the no!” If David and Keith split up, or Brenda’s baby dies, in the series finale, I am seriously going to pretend it never happened. Hey, I did it when Carrie ridiculously ended up with Mr. Big on the Sex and the City finale, so I’ve got plenty of practice. And if denial is one of the stages of grief, there’s no rule saying I can’t stay stuck there.

Is there any potential Six Feet Under storyline you won’t be able to accept? C’mon now, just let it out.

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  • patrick

    Carrie ending up with Big was the ending that most of us hard core, never-missed-an-episode fans wanted. I sat in a room full of people who swooned and cried hysterically when it happened. So you may not have liked it, but most of us non cynical, non meida types did.

  • Kareem

    I won’t be able to accept the death of Maya. For some reason I belive that that might happen due to the high feaver she had because of the ear infection. I think it will be very sad if that happens and if it does I won’t be surprised.

  • kjones

    i think the end of six feet under is going to be a bummer for everyone. i used to live for this show and now i can’t bear it. i understand alan ball has a vision, but why such a bleak one?
    nothing would surprize me in the finale, no matter how horrible and nasty.

  • Todd

    While I’m skeptical of what will happen in the finale, I find it troubling that fans such as kjones forget that Alan Ball arrived with the film American Beauty, which didn’t exactly have any sort of happy ending…..I predict some real dark moments

  • Tom

    I hope SFU takes a chance and gives us a bleak ending. Not to be negative, but so many of the characters on SFU are so emotionally damaged that they will be caught in their destructive cycles that it will be difficult for them to find true happiness — which makes it so realistic!
    As for S&TC, the ending with Carrie reuniting with Big was so regressive and appalling, it almost wiped out everything the show had built in its previous seasons. Here was a show about a successful independent smart woman with a great career…and all she wanted was “true love” with a guy who had led her on for years. If that’s a “happy ending”, it’s pathetic.

  • Tony

    Personally I think Six Feet Under and its creator, Alan Ball have changed television. This show has been groundbreaking since day one. Anybody that has seen it has some sort of opinion, good or bad,it really makes you think about your own life. People have been so divided in the last few seasons but ultimatley isnt that a sign that people care enough to form an opinion…..This last season has been incredible. in particular, Nate’s funeral…definitely one of the best epsiodes of TV ever to air… For a person that rarely watches TV to see every episode is quite telling…Once the last episode airs, many people will feel like their Sunday night family has just abandoned them.

  • James Ryan

    I don’t think it’s going to be a bummer. The show, yes, is about death. But it really examines life, and dealing with death. I don’t think another person will die. I can see Brenda having a miscarriage, but I don’t believe anyone else with die. I think it’s going to be about how they are going to deal with the loss they’ve just suffered. That’s what the show is about, dealing with things. Life is short, make the most of it before that endless, dreamless sleep. Personally the show is the most brilliant show I’ve ever seen on television. The show has gotten better and better, and I know it’s lost alot of fans over the years because people can’t deal with how liberal and political it is, but I think we’ll be pleased with how it ends. I’m very sad it’s ending. It’s funny but I feel like I’m part of the family, because I’ve been so involved with their lives since 2001. That’s why Nate’s death was so devastating to me, I’m hurt that he died, but it just shows you how valuable life is.

  • erin

    I disagree, Patrick…some of us never really bought into Carrie and Big as a “happy ever after” couple.

  • Viva Voce

    Six Feet Under

    Is it too much to ask for a happy ending??

  • justjudith

    I really would be upset if something’s wrong with Brenda’s baby! Or if David and Keith break up. Or if Claire becomes a misguided drug addict again. I mean, I’m sure there won’t be a happy ending, but I hope its not a miserable one either.

  • Tucson gal

    As long as the show doesn’t end with Nate in the shower thinking it was all a bad dream, I’ll like the finale, HA!

  • peggym

    It cheats the viewer when the show creators mess with the reality of a show to shake things up. Carrie chooses a guy who’s been treating her badly for the whole series, even marrying someone else at one point. Josh is turned into an idiot on the West Wing as they play musical jobs. it’s not quite as bad as St Elsewhere, where they all seemed to have split personalities. You invest time into a show and a character, and deserve more than Bobby in the shower(OK, that one was fun).

  • Herman

    Finally, someone else (Kareem) other that me suggested that Maya might die from her so-called ear infection. The season 5 shoot trailer, still viewable on HBOs website, suggest that Nate and Maya will both die. I assume Ball will somehow make her death relevant to the end of SFU…. I have no idea how he will do this.

  • Sue

    I could barely handle the death of Nate. It was really too much. I feel like one of the Fisher family and I sat there and sobbed. I could barely function the next day. That’s how effected I was. You have to admit, the writing on this show is incredible, as well as the acting. I hope Nate’s death was one, bad dream. But, of course, I doubt it. I hope Brenda’s baby is normal. Claire needs to straighten out and I guess David and Keith will stay together. It looks like the crash of the lime green family hearse is a sign that the Fishers are soon to be out of the funeral business, now that Nate is gone. Rico and Vanessa will probably buy that other place and continue-on as a funeral home, catering to the Latino comunity. Ruth and George will stay apart, but get along. As for Maggie, she’s history and Billy is a constant… This show has really moved me. I will miss it dearly. Good-bye Fishers….and Nate.

  • kimd

    I think people are putting too much importance on that pre-season trailer. It showed Claire driving off in her hearse and that can’t happen, so I don’t think that Nate holding Maya means that they’re going to kill off Maya. The only ending that will make me unsatisfied is if David and Keith don’t end up together. They’re my favorite couple on the show and they’ve shown the most love and commitment (except for a few minor indiscretions).
    As far as Sex and the City, I loved that Carrie and Big ended up together. Both of them behaved badly over the years, but it was clear that they loved each other and if they’d stop fighting it, they could be happy together.

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