What's weirder? (Music Edition)

9153__ashlee_lWhat’s weirder?

A. After 10 years, Ozzy Osbourne is retiring as headliner of Ozzfest, though the traveling rock festival will continue.

B. Ashlee Simpson (left) hopes to promote her forthcoming album, which contains a couple songs alluding to her Saturday Night Live debacle, by returning to Saturday Night Live to host and perform.

C. Bill Clinton’s presidential library is releasing a CD, called The Bill Clinton Collection: Selections from the Clinton Music Room

Well, let’s toss out C., since there’s no reason that, if Starbucks can release mood music CDs, a presidential library can’t do the same. (Now, if Clinton were playing sax on the tracks himself, that would be noteworthy.) Also A.: Ozzy’s voice has been failing at recent shows, and he has nothing to prove anymore, so why not let someone else have the spotlight? (Still, what will they call it? Player-To-Be-Named-LaterFest?)

No, I have to go with B. Not because the shame gene seems to be missing from the Simpson family DNA, but because SNL would actually consider inviting her back.


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  • Brandon

    Whoever is in charge at SNL probably thinks it’ll be ironic to have Simpson back, but is there really a lot of interest in hearing or seeing her again?

  • Carl

    I think Ashlee’s return to SNL would garner very high ratings because of the curiousity factor, plus all her fans will watch. Her show on MTV was highly rated and her album sold like 5 million copies, so she does have a strong fan base.
    I think everyone has been a little too hard on Ashlee, she used a backing track (which is COMMON practice in the music industry) and she got caught–big deal. I think a lot of people are simply jealous of her success and do whatever they can to bring her down. It’s a sad commentary on society when we hate so much on people we don’t even know.

  • Anna

    It’s not surprising that Ashlee (oh, so clever spelling Ms. Simpson) would return to SNL. It is a major stopping point for anyone in the public who is trying to brush-off some sort of PR boo boo. (Even if that is where your mix up occured.) It benefits both parties – with the train wrecked effect pulling ratings up for SNL and hopefulling boosting PR for the star in question.
    As for people who wish to “pick” on Aslee for her little error, it is no surprise. Ashlee at that point becomes a symbol for those with record deals that many question. She is a product to be sold be record execs and her music whether good or bad is generated for mass audiences….there will always be people who hate what she stands for and as a result will celebrate a crack in her veneer.
    I don’t see a need to defend her, nor do I wish to. You put yourself out into the public, you will get scrutiny, both good and bad. At least she is laughung all the way to the bank.

  • hannah is a palindrome

    I don’t find anyone in the Simpson family great sages of wisdom. And I have never seen one episode of their shows on MTV (no cable here people), but i find “Pieces of Me” incredibly infectious and fun.

  • Jenny

    I personally think people came down hard on Ashlee not because she got caught using a backing track, but because 1) She blamed her band for playing the wrong song (yeah, right); then 2) She suddenly remembered she had a sore throat the night of the performance, a few days later. If she fessed up to the error and for using backing tracks, I think people wouldn’t have been so harsh.

  • blah

    I had heard that AS had made a comment knocking people who lipsynched. I was under the impression that’s partly why people reacted so badly to it.

  • Dan

    Who cares about Ashlee Simpson on SNL – they both suck.
    Ashlee is boring and full of herself – just like the rest of her family.
    SNL has sucked for years and has just become a weekly stroking of Amy Poehler’s and Tina Fey’s egos. Neither of them are funny, and not even Will Ferrell as host could create a memorable episode last season.
    SNL will almost definately bring Ashlee on, sadly, probably as Season Premiere or something, and the whole episode will be jokes about lip synching. I can just imagine how horrible the monologue will be…she’ll probably start doing the monologue, then screw up and ho-ho! – she’ll be lip synching the monologue!
    Please, SNL, spare us the pain and focus on becoming FUNNY again.

  • Brandon

    Yeah, Will Ferrel’s hosting gig wasn’t that funny…I was surprised. I think Amy and Tina are the best part of every show, though.

  • Chris

    I agree with Jenny, I like the song. You idiots are the same people who love Don’t Cha and Hollaback Girl.
    Musicians (ha ha ha ha) have been lip synching for years EW; you are stupid for even calling someone out on it. BLEH! You stopped being a good magazine a while back. You have turned into another US weekly!
    Making fun of the way someone spells their name? You guys really need to get a life!

  • Kyle

    I’m afraid even a stint on SNL would not save Ashlee Simpson’s career. I can’t even believe she is attempting to put out a second album. The music world has pretty much moved past the “pop-tarts who can’t really sing” stage. In a business that relies on credibility, Ashlee Simpson has lost all credibility whatsoever and simply cannot recover from this loss.
    On a side note, why can’t SNL get some hosts and musical guests with talent? It seems like lately they have been going for people who may increase ratings instead of hosts with actual talent (Paris Hilton, anyone?) Let’s get some proven performers who can actually sing (Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, etc.) and some hosts who have talent, charisma, and some comedic ability. Maybe they won’t have to rely on gimmicks to get ratings. Maybe people will start tuning in to be entertained? Go figure.

  • Ashleigh

    To Anna:
    You made fun of Ashlee Simpson for spelling her first name as she does. The last part of my name is spelled with an ‘leigh’. I didn’t realize that every Ashley in the entire world had to spell their name as such. Gimme a break. Do you think she had a choice what her name was, let alone how it was spelled? Picking on someone because they spell their name differently, that’s a new low.

  • Michelle

    So Ashlee Simpson is a product of her handlers and producers–so what! The fact remains that her album was actually pretty good and sold millions and millions of copies. You can package anything you want, but you can’t make the public buy it. You may fool people for week or two, but her album was in the Top 10 for months.
    If her 2nd album is anything like the first, it will be a huge multi-platinum success and will attract all the same haters.
    The fact is, Ashlee is a VERY successful recording artist and actress, and I would give anything to have her career.

  • pink visual

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