Scarlett and Tara: Keeping the staff busy

171413__tara_leditor1 (2:48:03 PM): omg she does totally look like tara reid
editor2 (2:48:22 PM): i know, right?
editor2 (2:48:32 PM): i’m so glad you said that — i thought i was going crazy
editor1 (2:48:56 PM): we should do a side by side
editor2 (2:49:32 PM): yeah — though i wish we had done it when "Island" was opening
editor1 (2:50:12 PM): yeah but now it’s getting in trouble for allegedly stealing an idea — how about we throw in an allegedly stolen look too?
editor2 (2:51:11 PM): ooh, i like that!
editor1 (2:51:31 PM): we should pitch it at 4
editor2 (2:51:54 PM): yes — i’m actually gonna send mickey this conversation now
editor1 (2:52:01 PM): ok


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  • mickey

    so what if mickey doesnt like it

  • Daniel

    Brilliant! Haha.

  • Minnie1026

    I echo Mr. Healy’s sentiments…you guys are on crack.

  • Jill

    Did anyone else realize the “Gone with the Wind” relationship here….Tara…..Scarlett. Hmmmmm, I wonder what it means.

  • EP Sato

    They both look like Elisha Cuthbert, but so what? Blondes are in again. Just ask Lindsey Lohan.
    And yeah, how come EW didn’t do a side by side of Clonus and The Island? EW used to make them comparisons all the time and they were usually spot on. That’s what the editors should be doing instead of ogling women half their age….BURN!

  • dygla

    EW did do a comparison of Clonus and The Island in the issue that featured Ewan and Scarlett on the cover. issue that

  • Tim

    Not my dear dear Scarlett!!! Seriously, they look “similar” in a few pictures but who could possibly confuse the two? Who amongst you?! WHO?!

  • EP Sato

    I went back and found the feature and D’oh (!), my comment is wrong. EW did a very fun comparison of the two movies not long ago.

  • Natalie

    Forget Tara Reid, Scarlett looks exactly like Jessica Alba. The whole time I was watching Blade: Trinity I couldn’t tell who it was–until Jessica had a few moments of real acting, and then I knew it wasn’t Scarlett. (ooh, that was bad)

  • Beef!

    I believe that it was Jessice Biel in Blade Trinity, not Jessica Alba. Sorry Natalie.

  • Beef!

    I believe that it was Jessica Biel in Blade Trinity, not Jessica Alba. Sorry Natalie.

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