Deals: Streep, Paltrow, Sanchez, Oldman

91144__streep_l-All the President’s Men depicted Watergate as a boy’s adventure tale, but what of the women of Watergate? They’ll have their say in Dirty Tricks, with Meryl Streep (left) as Martha Mitchell, Gwyneth Paltrow as Maureen Dean, Jill Clayburgh as Pat Nixon, and Annette Bening as White House correspondent Helen Thomas. Paltrow’s ex, Brad Pitt, is one of the producers…

-Roselyn Sanchez (Rush Hour 2) needs to boost her profile with a lead role, so she cowrote one herself. She’ll play a woman haunted by her father’s death in Yellow, which she’s also producing… 

-Gary Oldman, who can do creepy in any language, is starring in the Spanish gothic horror film The Backwoods.

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  • EP Sato

    Gary Oldman has got to be one of the best character actors in Hollywood. IMHO, one of his best roles was as Emanuel Zorg in The Fifth Element. His performance as the comic book level of evil badguy was classic. If they ever make a “Flash Gordon” movie, he gets my vote for the role of Hanz Zarkov OR Emperor Ming…
    Sanchez played well off Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, but she has been in mostly underperforming or small billed roles since then. It would be nice to see this talented Boricua prove her acting chops so she can get cast by Steven Soderberg, who has a record of working well with Puerto Rican actresses (See “Out of Site” with J.lo, or Jennice Fuentes as the “Woman in Red”‘s on K Street for references).

  • Roxanne

    I love Gary Oldman. I love over-the-top Fifth Element Gary Oldman and I love great- actor Prick Up Your Ears Gary Oldman. I love only-he-could-play-Sirius-Black Gary Oldman and wow-he-can-even-play-Beethoven Gary Oldman. I even love I-did-this-for-the-money-Air Force One Gary Oldman and the how-did-I-get-stuck-in-this-Planet of the Apes-remake schlock Gary Oldman. I recently loved him as future commissioner Gordon in Batman Begins, and loved how he played down in a movie so full of potential for disaster (and thanks to Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale!).

  • Joe

    Since when was Gary Oldman in PLANET OF THE APES? You must be confusing him with Tim Roth, another good Brit actor.

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