More bad news for Chappelle fans

Even Chappelle’s Show player Charlie Murphy doesn’t think Dave Chappelle will ever come back to work and finish filming the third season of the aborted Comedy Central sketch series. (On the plus side, Murphy says that there are about eight episodes worth of new material, and he’s sure they’ll be released on DVD.) Murphy could be wrong; it doesn’t appear from this New York Post interview that he’s actually spoken to Chappelle since the comic abruptly quit filming in April. Still, it looks like our best bet for future ”I’m Rick James, bitch!” moments is for Murphy to do his own show, bring his ”True Hollywood Stories” segment with him, and dramatize his own version of what happened with his old boss.

Still yearning for a new Chappelle’s Show season? Think it’ll ever happen?


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  • Randy

    if i was a young black comedian who tried to make humor that was intentionally politically INcorrect in an effort to trascended race and ethnicity, I would also be seeking some type of spirituality, espeically in light of what has become of his show. to have every tanned, hooka bead wearing, collar popping frat boy across the country preaching your lines from utop their frathouse balconies , while much impoverished black america can’t afford to even have comedy central is a somewhat jading notion.

  • EP Sato

    In less than two seasons of tv, Chappelle was able to shake the ground, make himself a household word, and revamp the past-dead sketch comedy format. People, keep in mind that the man is still in his early 30’s!
    That said, it’s a lot of pressure for a young man to keep up that kind of performance. It was always amazing to me that the second season of his show was even stronger than the first, because most “groundbreaking” shows lose their “revolutionary” feel by the second season (“In Living Color” comes to mind).
    As a fan of Chappelle’s since “Robin Hood”, I have faith that he will return, whether or not the show ever airs another episode. Chappelle can come back with even more brilliant stand up routines and DVDs, even funnier cameo roles, movie scripts, show concepts in the future, or he could even produce a whole new generation of work in collaboration with other young brilliant talents from his show, such as Neil Brennan, Charlie Murphy, Mos Def and Paul Moonie. He could corraborate with Charlie’s brother Eddie, with Chris Rock, Chris Tucker or become a late night talk show host. The possibilities are endless.
    Chappelle has made a real impact, and is now a producer of American popular culture. Chappelle can choose to find new avenues to blow our minds away, or he can go out with the tide and become one of those short lived but brilliant sidenotes in our common culture.
    Either way, I will miss the frenzy caused whenever there would be a new episode of Chappelle’s Show.

  • Kie

    I agree with everything Randy said. It’s always interesting that white america has constantly and repeatedly copied what african americans have come up with over the last 20-30 years and still refuse to get educated, involved and even change the struggle that is growing up black, poor and disenfrancised in most cities.
    No one cares but they’re quick to rip off things like Rap, baggy clothes, ebonics, humor, etc.

  • Mike

    I’m sorry, but that’s a load of self-serving victim crap. It’s all about the blame game, isn’t it? It’s not about what have you done for us, it’s about what have we done for ourselves! Unbelievable that you can somehow make a negative out of a black man having a hit show. God forbid white people watch it without giving their life savings to the NAACP. Absolute garbage.

  • b diddy

    I am not surprised that Chappelle decided not to continue with the show. The second season, which had it’s moments of hillarity, was overall a huge disappointment. I could see that he and neil were coming to the end of their creative fountain as the episodes of season 2 dragged on and on. Season One was pure genius, season two was just plain lame!

  • Randy

    B Diddy is in the KKK

  • Randy

    make that mike.


    Hey b diddy, let me guess… you’re most likely a black man who has had a bad experience with white people. If not you’re either a white person who has been lambasted into self hatred and guilt, or a member of another ethnic group who doesn’t really understand much about the various cultures of “white people”. Most likely you don’t have many white friends.
    With that perspective in mind, it’s easy to understand why you might invent such a story. However, instead of remonstrating white people who enjoy Dave Chappelle’s show, you could get out and get educated and involved in your own cause. Setting an example is the best way to lead.

  • BladeRunner

    What in the world? We copy everything the black man does and WE “…still refuse to get educated, involved, even change the struggle that is growing up black, poor and disenfrancised in most cities.”?! Uh, who are we — white America — to “change the struggle that is growing up black..”?! You want white people to change the black man’s struggle? I hardly think it is the *white* person’s place to change the black person’s struggle, Kie.
    Dave Chappelle *cannot* do his show on regular television, the censors (of the networks) would never allow it to be what it is on Comedy Central. However, regular broadcast networks have *offered* Chappelle money to switch to their station, an offer Dave refused. So if you want to blame someone for black folks not being able to see the Chappelle show, blame Dave, he is the one that chose Comedy Central. Also, just for the record not ALL of “white America” is able to see Comedy Central. The cable companies don’t issue free service to all white people when they turn 18, there are actually a few white people who can’t afford it Randy, you incredibly bigoted racist! Why don’t you stop blaming the white man for all your problems, and try to take some responsibility for your own life.
    I grew up poor. Yes, that’s right, I’m white and I grew up poor. I just had satellite installed last year, for the first time in my life, and I paid for it. I spent years standing on the corner screaming at black people that went by, demanding that they take notice of my poverty and get me some damn cable, but not one African-American ever stopped to change my struggle so I could get Comedy Central.
    You know, I hear whispers… very low whispers, that some black people actually HAVE cable, but they don’t tell anyone for fear that “The Man” will take it away from them. So, you might *think* that no blacks have cable, but actually most do, they just don’t tell you because they know you’ll tell “The Man”.
    But hey, I agree with you Randy, no black man should ever feel good about entertaining *white* people with politically incorrect humor. No. Dave Chappelle should take up the struggle and refuse any humor to the white devil. I also think that no black man should ever laugh at the expense of a white man. For that reason, I have a petition for my congressman to introduce a law that will make it illegal for any African-American to laugh at any Jerry Lewis or Jim Carrey pratfalls, it would be a crime for them to even *watch* a show that featured a white actor or comedian!
    I think there should be an all black cable company that provides free cable service to the black community. There would be only black shows and movies, with no white programming, but white people have to pay for it all. God forbid that blacks and whites might actually *laugh* together! Because comedy can’t change anything, we should fight and argue instead, that is really productive.
    Not that you’ll care, or try to understand, but here is why I think the show has been VERY good for “the struggle”… Because of the Chappelle show I have learned a lot about the black community, I’ve also really enjoyed learning about *real* hip-hop that Dave features on his show. I knew little about hip-hop; it just didn’t appeal to me. But after seeing Mos Def and others perform, I really began to enjoy what I heard and started buying some of the CDs of Dave’s musical guests. I now *understand* why hip-hop is the voice of the black community, whereas before I could not understand how a bunch of bling-bling represented their plight and issues. The skits have been a great way to talk about topics that are very sensitive, that normally we couldn’t talk about. The Wayne Brady stuff has been the most provocative, and opened MANY white folk’s eyes to how the black community views certain things that whole deal touched on. Many people were angry at first, when they cracked on Brady in the Negrodamus skit. Then later when he did the show, they began to see why blacks might not LOVE Wayne Brady, or more accurately why they might not love what he represents.
    The show is written by Chappelle *and* Brennan (a very white man), so you missed an opportunity to call Brennan a racist, by the way. At any rate, it has been a very excellent starting point for blacks and whites to discuss issues, and for whites to more fully understand attitudes and *the struggle* of the African-American community. I can’t understand how you could ever say that the show is bad, but I certainly understand *why*. There are always going to be some people, cranky-ass, stirrin’-up-a-bunch-of-shit people, that never have anything good to say. These assholes always look at the negative side, and twist things around to make some racist, bigotted or just plain stupid accusation.
    Say what you want, the bottom-line is: whites AND blacks love the show and it is helping to build a bridge between the races so we can LAUGH together, learn more about each other, and maybe become FRIENDS. Now, I know you’d hate that, but if Dave Chappelle and Neil Brennan — a black man and a white man — can be the best of friends, maybe a lot more of us can too. I know that sounds horrible to you, but to me it is a dream (thank you, MLK), and a future possible reality that is worth standing up to be counted for.

  • darien jackson

    I think Dave Chappelle shouldn’t quit his show. Because he has alot of fan that watch his shows,dvd’s,and other things.

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